María Verónica Troncoso Guzmán (1973)
Chile – Germany based

Troncoso works with media, photos and installations. She has collected stories of people (migrants) connecting them with the topic of Chilean migration. During her residency in Tbilisi (Georgia), she explored the Otherness in the streets of Tbilisi and the refugee village inhabited by people from South Ossetia. Her work asks a poignant yet a difficult question: what is this the line between them and us, can the Otherness be dissolved by hearing the story, the name, the voice of the Other?



Installation, interactive performative action

Verónica Troncoso is a Chilean artist currently based in Germany, who works with various media. In her projects and researches, she often concentrates on human rights violations in Chile and on the condition of exile in various contexts and territories. During her residence in Tbilisi (Georgia) she explored  a village of refugees from South Ossetia. The installation is made up of a tablecloth on which are printed stories about the Ossetian refugees interviewed during the first part of the project in Georgia. A spool, glasses and plates from the era of Soviet domination is completing the installation together with a selection of photographs and a short video with a map of South Ossetia, showing the distance between the village of refugees and the addresses of their homes. As during the initial project in Georgia for this  exhibition she will organise a dinner (with traditional chilean food) where each attendee will hold one end of a spool of thread, which will be donated to the person with whom he/she will feel most connected at the end of the event.

Who is the Other? This is the question we are investigating in this installation, everyone can become the other person, can be at the other side of the thread.

*The interactive performative action will take place along the exhibition, keep updated on

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