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Towards a new Erab/Europe

This is a journey through time based on the original text by the Lithuanian writer Justas Tertelis, from an idea of the curator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini. Set in the 17th century, the story passes through all the fifteen countries in the MagiC Carpets network, imagining the history of a new Europe without geographical or ideological borders.

From the Kaunas Railway station, the itinerary continues along the river, pausing at various stops, to arrive at the Picture Gallery, the final stop of the travelling exhibit. Viewers will be guided by a voice whispering the words of Eglė and Doron, the magical protagonists in Justas Tertelis’s story, in an immersive experience using augmented reality, allowing viewers to perceive the world of the story not only by listening, but with all five senses.

The guide is a tool provided to visitors to allow them to immerse themselves completely in the themes of the magical journey. It is not a canonical and didactic guide to the works. In fact, the narration pauses at each work and continues as the itinerary continues.

MagiC Carpets story

Magic Carpets Landed

Enjoy the "Magic Carpets" - an immersive augmented reality fairy-tale journey full of magic and adventures. It's like flying a carpet – a 'fantastic device' for traveling across the world in a twinkling of an eye. The creativity and imagination of Scheherazade used in story-telling to intrigue and to involve her husband becomes here a convincing metaphor of the power of culture to change the mistrust and confrontation into intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, respect and even love.

Justas Tertelis


Justas Tertelis (b. 1981) is a playwright, director and actor on stage as well as screen. He writes plays for both radio and theatre, actively participating in various national playwriting contests, where he has won multiple awards. Tertelis is one of the most positive authors of Lithuanian theatre. Employing gentle irony, his works delight in the paradoxical beauty of our environment and everyday life instead of criticizing them. The author’s texts are usually staged by youthful Lithuanian theatres which support creative collaboration: the laboratory theatre Atviras ratas (Open Circle), the Art and Science Laboratory, the Keistuolių Theatre, Menų spaustuvė (the Arts Printing House) and others. The author himself is open to experiment and (auto)biographical creative work, searching for a modern theatrical language for young people. One of his most recent plays, Tik suaugusiems (Adults Only, 2019), is a social creative work about children written for adults, revolving around people (“parents”) trying to raise new people in today’s society.

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