TTNP (Hrvoje Spudić & Sven Sorić)

TTNP (This Town Needs Posters) are two architects, Hrvoje Spudić and Sven Sorić, who use analog, manual and DIY methods to create and print posters. They’re started doing this in collage, as a way to promote different concerts and film events on the independent scene because, well, this town needs posters. There are still people who primarily communicate in that way in the public forum, from street artists and activists to people working in independent culture that don’t have the funds to mass communicate through now usual means.


This Town Needs Posters

TTNP | This Town Needs Posters – Hrvoje Spudić and Sven Sorić (Croatia, ???)

This Town Needs Posters, 2018

Interactive and Self-publishing, installation, fanzines


TTNP (This Town Needs Posters) are two Croatian architects and artists who use analogue, manual and DIY methods to create and print posters. They are also active on the independent musical and cultural scene. During their residency with ZK/U-Center for Art and Urbanistics, they presented the first two editions of their self-publications, and developed a manual to give to future artists to provide the skills to self-archive work and the processes of their artistic projects. Another important part of the project was the physical archive for residents of the institution, divided into themes connected to the city. They also held a workshop on the same themes of the project, analysing printing and self-archiving techniques.
During the exhibition, visitors are invited to interact with the self-publishing house and create their own publication with the instruction given by the artists.

*Workshops on December, SATURDAYS 2:00-3:00 PM

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