Benjamin Tomasi (1987)

No Borders
Prague Biennale

Exhibition project reflects the interface and reciprocity of the personal and public world, intimate and shared space. The authors re-design the barracks pool space into a site-specific environment consisting of installations that mutually complement each other and are reminiscent of a data spa. The installation uses architectonic, audio and interactive elements to transfer the visitor into an oasis of relaxation and undisturbed comfort while subversively commenting on current political and social issues such as: digital security, media credibility, physical and digital waste issues, geopolitics, ecology, sustainability, and more. In collaboration with Milan Mikuláštík.



Mixed media Installation

Benjamin Tomasi is multimedia artist based in Austria who articulates his artistic interests mainly through sonic and sculptural elements often implementing cycles of sound, sensory data, but also objects.

In this installation, realised during the residency with Prague Biennale, the artist is reproducing the pleasant and dissociating atmosphere he created inside a former indoor swimming pool. The artist’s goal is to create an ambivalent and dissociating dimension. On the one hand, the installation is designed to physically transport the audience to a relaxing and pleasant place. On the other hand, it puts the audience into a dissociating and uncomfortable atmosphere by using speakers playing various speeches – political, social, and linked to digital security, geopolitics, ecology and sustainability.

The space is also furnished with 8 long patterned sheets stretched from the ceiling to the ground, which divided the space, transforming them into real dividing walls, a metaphor for the walls built by Trump on the USA-Mexico border. Walls that create as much a sensation of estrangement and division as an intimate and personal dimension.  Three 1990s stereos complete the installation. When activated by the audience, they reproduce sounds of mysterious explosions from YouTube.

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