John Cascone (1976)
United Kingdom

Metamorfica, by John Cascone, presented in 3 parts. The first part was La Fondazione (segreta) del Trullo, a video documentation realized thanks to the stories collected during the workshop with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood Trullo. In the second part took place a live performance/advertising campaign called Spore with seven sandwich man. The last part of the artwork was I sette Movimenti, a skater performance realized at Polisportiva Trullo.



Performance, site-specific installation, video HD colour, sound, booklet

John Cascone is an Italian artist, who uses various media such as images, publications, sound, video, and performance to analyse reality as a creation and construction of narratives.  The artist created with Latitudo the project  Metamorfica. The inspiration came from the Trullo neighbourhood and the Italian writer Gianni Rodari, who encourages everyone’s creativity from elements of everyday life. Metamorfica is a unique work in three different forms at the same time: the video The (Secret) Foundation of the Trullo, the booklet The New Encyclopaedia of La Fantastica handed out by the Sandwich Men and the performance. The performance, The Seven Movements ,which can be experienced during the inaugural event, is reinterpreted by basketball players. The players are transforming the words and the stories of the booklet into figures, positions and movement. The artwork Metamorfica, as indicated by the title itself, is a project that produces, multiplies, spreads and transforms itself constantly.

*The performance will take place on the Opening Day: November 5th, 2021 – 6:00 pm

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