Jacopo Natoli and Guendalina Salini

During their residence, artists involve teenagers and adults to partecipate at workshops. Jacopo, thanks to his knowledge of some relational art’s technique, and Guendalina developed a series of workshops focused on the ideas of invented new beings (and non-beings!) in Lviv. All the participants imagined, visualised, expressed and commented on their own mutation, and then narrated their contact with the other mutations. They produced: personal masks and dresses, utilized during a performative dance. Guendalina dedicated one of the parts of her workshop to the issue of home. With the participants of her workshops, they created small artefacts of terracotta.



Jacopo Natoli and Guendalina Salini (Italy, 1985 – Italy, 1972)

Banner and masks

Italian artists Jacopo Natoli and Guendalina Salini did a residence together at Jam Factory Art Center, in Ukraine. Natoli is a hybrid artist basing his practice on experiences of relational art and art therapy, defining himself as an “ignorant teacher”.

Salini explores everyday human actions and individual and collective identity, working with simple, diverse materials.

For this residence, Natoli and Salini hybridised their artistic practices, becoming a single thinking body.

Co-creation, sympoiesis and mythogenesis were the key words guiding the project and the activities and workshops performed by the artists in Pidzamche, a suburban neighbourhood in the city of Lviv, that has been redeveloping in recent years. “Free to become and free to be (and not be!),” these mutant beings, all different, came to life, and took form and colour via paper masks and clothes that everyone put on to dance together. This led to colourful banners, which spread a message to the entire community, “I am where I am fine”.

During this exhibition it is possible to see one of the banners hanging on the facade of the Picture Gallery, and the paper masks created in Lviv. The other banners, reworked and transformed into objects of common use, will introduce visitors to their mythogenetic and sympoietic world.

* December, SATURDAYS 12:00-1:00 PM

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