Gemma Riggs (1979)
United Kingdom

Words & Tales
LAB 852 d.o.o.

Gemma Riggs’ work explore intensities of experience and the intangible. Employing processes of circling, repetition, iteration and removal of subject, she aims to see how these may be used to produce new narratives that draw us closer to evanescent understanding. She is interested in how we translate emotion and experience through word, vocal utterance, body and gesture to show how our inner worlds might manifest themselves in physical and auditory ways. She has worked with a group of kids and teenagers in Kamba Courtyard in Croatia.



16mm film installation, drawings, objects

Gemma is a London-based artist and filmmaker who works across video, installation, photography and sound. Her practice is informed by performance and documentary; exploring ideas of fragmentation in relation phenomenological experience and memory. Gemma puts interdisciplinary and participatory processes at the centre of her work. What happens when we play? Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the artist’s creative installation and watch the film created during her residence with LAB852  in Croatia, introducing new connections and reflections on the world of play and its variations.

The installation is made of various objects linked to the world of play: balloons, hula hoops and bocce and also of black and white drawings by the children depicted on the wall, which represents the games and playful traditions of the community of Zagreb.

The video is a 16 mm film, entitled In Our Own Rhythm that illustrates her extensive research on this creative practice, which looks at gesture and the translation of phenomenological experience through the body, examining the performative nature of the games and how they bring our bodies to life, creating parallel spaces of interaction and becoming.

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