Elena Mazzi (1984)

The workshop by Elena Mazzi and the Heart*istic collective called “The artist, after all, is (not) working” aimed to raise awareness among artists about the patterns they develop by living in a neo-capitalist society and provided them with a space and some tools to get supported and empowered. These tools included embodiment, practices of solidarity and appreciation, collective reading from selected sources as well as sharing of personal experiences through active exercises like the visualization of one’s own ideal and actual time management for life.



Community statistics on flyers, posters and workshop

The Italian artist Elena Mazzi developed a residency with ZK/U-Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin. Mazzi’s work addresses the relationship between humans and the environments where they live. Mostly by following an anthropological approach, this analysis examines and documents both personal and collective identities connected to a specific area, and gives rise to several forms of exchange and transformation.

During her residency she analysed the state of the artistic community in relation to its fundamental importance, especially in a city that focuses heavily on cultural openness and artistic offering.

The posters here presented are the result of a workshop that took place on April 16th, 2019. During that day, the artist investigated the precarious work realities that dominate the cultural sector, opening up discussion and exchange between participants. As part of the workshop, the artist asked them to define their actual and ideal division of time in their everyday life (choosing between Practice, Sleep, Work, Life), drawing it onto a graphic. Here, on the occasion of the exhibition, Mazzi invites the visitors to enlarge the survey, doing the same exercise.

* The workshops will take place on December, SATURDAYS 2:00-3:00 PM

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