Bora Baboci (1988)

Bora Baboci is an Albanian artist with a background in architecture and urbanism. She works with a wide range of media, including drawing, installation and performance. Prior to collaborating with ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin, she worked as a researcher and academic assistant for the Technischen Universität, focusing on experimental housing and public spaces.


Predictions, 2020

Bora Baboci is a Tirana-based artist with a background in architecture and urbanism. In Limerick with EVA International 2020-2021 she developed an intriguing project. Struck by the turbulent and unpredictable nature of the River Shannon, which can take on different configurations even several times a day, she focused her attention on the part of the river known as Curragower Falls. The audio script uses tidal charts and fantasy fiction to create a  forecast of the river that has run dry, predicting both bureaucratic and folkloric consequences. During the exhibition, to highlight the link between waterways and the work Bora Baboci carried out during her residency visitors, scanning the QR CODE on this panel, can listen to audio recorded by the artist and can be immersed in an enigmatic and divinatory atmosphere. This audio track can automatically be played also in the online AR Guide that will begin to play through the phone.

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