Ana Kovačić (1986)

In her work Ana Kovačić explores the link between personal and social memory and the way this memory is inscribed into our bodies and into the spaces we live in. The economic and political transformations, stories of people migrating in search of employment, the gap between here and there, past and present are recurring themes in her works. The project is a three-part installation which connects distinct sites in the city of Kaunas: the waiting room in the Kaunas bus station, the Zoological Museum and Obelynė Park. It explores the migratory identity and behaviour of birds and humans.



Video HD colour, sound


Ana Kovačić is a Croatian artist who did a residency with the Kaunas Biennial, in Lithuania. Kovačić, interested in the studies of the lithuanian zoologist Tadas Ivanauskas, interviewed several people connected to him and visited places he had explored to create an installation composed of three different parts.  One can be seen at the Zoological Museum, includes four dioramas, telling the story of the annual cycle of migratory birds and the complexities of their journeys. Another Migrating Species –Reflections on Moving (Rest) was a bird watching station built with tree trunks gathered from the woods around Obelynė Park. The main part of the installation is a video showing different interviews of experts and a documentary about a night-time ferry trip taken by the artist. The video is followed by a conversation on the migration of two species – birds and humans – in search of similarities between the two. In the occasion of the exhibition the video is installed simulating a ticket machine to enhance the relation between the migrations of birds and human beings.

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