Aistė Jančiūtė (1987)

Folkestone Fringe
Kaunas Biennial

Aiste had created an immersive perfomance, during which the people were invited to feel and perceive the the place where they were immersed, through smells, sounds, noises ‘Weight’ was an experimentinstallation-performance dedicated to the sense of touch. The laboratory invited the people of Folkestone to experience the concept of weight from physical, artistic, psychological and philosophical perspectives.


Laboratory of senses “Weight”, 2018

Interactive installation 

Aistė Jančiūtė is a visual artist, experimenter and performer. After training as a textile artist, her practice now explores the fields of movement therapy and unconventional theatre. The human body and the sense of touch play central roles in her practice and work, which aims to increase self and body-awareness. In her work, she encourages participants to feel the joy of objects through their sense of touch, interactive audio/ video installations and texts. She developed her project with Folkestone Fringe, and as for her residency in the UK, she invites visitors to explore the sense of weight using different objects and in different ways: movement, touch, sound, smell and interpersonal interaction. With this installation, Jančiūtė tries to find a universal language to give rise to new experiences and to facilitate the comprehension of the impact that different objects and bodies have on one another, as well as the memories, images, emotions arising from them. Visitors are welcome to experiment and explore their personal feeling of weight.

* Interactive experiences will take place on December, SUNDAYS 12:00-1:00 PM

* During visiting time you can experience the artwork with the help of the Museum Staff.

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