0101 Agency (Maxime Retailleau, Fabian Scholz, Gabriel Lefèvre-Pardessus)


0101 Agency, a group of architect, in order to transform the terrace in a collective space organize a group of “pieneers” to discuss, occupy and prepare this space for the public. With the Trempolino team also collaborate students from the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Arts, the Nantes Architecture School and the 0101 architecture agency. The team launches a collective work process to include people, associations, collectives etc.



Book, Map, Collective workshops

Behind the creation of 0101 Agency in Nantes, in 2016 there are the three French architects: Gabriel, Maxime and Fabian. 0101 Agency used a pioneering and innovative approach to develop an evolving process, using know-how from contemporary manufacturing craftsmanship. In 2020, they developed a project to revive the Terrace of the musical centre of the partner Trempo, a symbolic place located in the heart of Île de Nantes. With the aim to make it a public space, a place for gathering and sharing for the residents of the neighbourhood and more, they became pioneers and activators of experiences. Using digital techniques such as prototypes, images and maps, they created workshops and events and initiated a process of ideation and transformation, in order to form a special link with the place and its residents. At the heart of this process there is the map of the Île de Nantes, which became the centre of a series of workshops leading to the imagination and design of a new space and new perspectives on the cultural centre’s future.

On the occasion of the exhibition the three architects, always keeping the map as central part of their work,  are activating new workshops to give life to new processes, in order to create a metaphorical toolbox for the future.

*Le Petit Train December, SUNDAYS 2:00-3:00 PM

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